Using ubcpi (Peer Instruction) with Maple and/or master

It appears as though ubcpi is no longer supported (GitHub - edx-unsupported/ubcpi: Peer Instruction XBlock). We’ve been using it for Peer Instruction in several of our courses.

Has anyone had any luck running a version that will work with Maple and/or master? We’re hoping to continue using it if possible.



I believe git+ should still work.


The ubcpi repository in the edx organization was a fork of the original repository at GitHub - ubc/ubcpi: Peer Instruction XBlock that had to be made for deadline-driven reasons during a previous major upgrade project. We archived the fork and moved it to edx-unsupported because we were able to go back to using an official release of the upstream repository. There are more details in BOM-1849 and the other tickets linked from it. But in short, you should just be able to install the package from ubcpi-xblock · PyPI and you’ll get a newer version with somewhat updated UI.


Thank you. This is helpful. We have already put the official release in place. Your reply confirms that we did the right thing. :slight_smile: