Verifiable Credentials Design Work

Just wanted to make sure folks knew about the draft design page for how we plan to support Verifiable Credentials in Open edX. Those who aren’t familiar with the Verifiable Credentials spec might want to read this intro article.


We’d love any feedback on the high-level design. I see the next step as a series of ADRs and possibly an OEP to capture details of the design approach as they are finalized.

As a TLDR; this work will extend the Open edX Credentials service to allow the sharing of verifiable credentials to external networks. The extension is proposed to be a new Django application in the Credentials service and to be general purpose so as to allow sharing to arbitrary networks in the future.

The focus for the first increment will be the OpenBadges v3 protocol, which is hot off the presses, but is where a lot of energy across W3C, 1EdTech seems to be converging. The first increment will target sharing the the DCC wallet mobile application developed by the Digital Credentials Consortium at MIT.

This work and future milestones are represented on the Open edX public Roadmap. This section is filtered for Credentials specific initiatives.