Certificates Roadmap & the Credentials IDA

Hey folks, I’m an eng manager at 2U (formerly edX) and my team maintains both the certificates app in the platform and the Credentials IDA. You can reach me in the #certificates channel on the Open edX slack or via email.

I am going to be building out a public roadmap for certificates and the credentials service. You can see some early bits and pieces on the credentials tab of the Open edX roadmap. I think right now the Credentials IDA functions as an official extension to Open edX, but probably most operators are not running it. The roadmap will include migrating Course Certs to the Credentials Service, so I’d be curious to hear if people feel that makes it more tightly coupled to the base use case of the platform (maybe nudging it into the “bundled extension” category? fyi I’m using the wip tech core terminology).

So, food for thought (discuss here, and feel free to rathole :smiley:):

How do you think this rough roadmap affects the positioning of the Credentials IDA in our overall product offering?

And asks for you all, (please reach out via slack or email for these):

  • If you’re able to invest project management or development time in contributing to the roadmap, reach out and we can loop you into future roadmap conversations.
  • If you’re already running the Credentials IDA for Program Records, please reach out so we don’t break your stuff. Since we assume that this is a smaller set of operators, we’re hoping to get in some aggressive deprecations (one upcoming DEPR includes the whole front end) in preparation for new development and supporting Course Certs.