What do I need to go from event logs to insight data?

Hi everyone,

I work for a university professor at Holon Institute of Technology in Israel.
We are conducting research about the learner’s video viewing patterns, we asked our edx distributer (campus IL) for more specific data then what is offered by the Insights platform and they sent us the event tracking log files.

As we analyzed the data we saw that it was missing some entries (such as video length) and it is a basic form of data which needs to be processed in order to assert video interaction data as offered by Insights - which is great but we want to know what data does Insight work with directly.
Also, we found out that there are more sql data tables and pre-processed data related to the course.

Our contacts for getting the data are taking to long to deliver it and that lead me here to ask this:
Can someone please tell me the names and schema of all course related data that can be accessed by our edx distributer?? We want to get all the data that is collected from our course

Thanks everyone