Video Uploads - HTTP ERROR 404


I am using Juniper native installation.
I enabled the Video upload pipeline in the configuration files and the “Video Uploads” menu shows for the course but when i click on it, it gives error HTTP ERROR 404
Also in Advanced settings the field for the " Video Upload Credentials" is not showing like it used to in Ironwood.
I want to configure to be able to upload to an AWS S3 bucket, how to achieve this?

Hi @johnnyak,

Checkers for Video Upload Pipeline:

  • ENABLE_VIDEO_UPLOAD_PIPELINE set this feature flag to true
  • add entry here if you want to enable the Video Upload Pipeline for all the courses
    • <your_domain>/admin/video_pipeline/videouploadsenabledbydefault/add/

Reference for this.

Hope this will help!

Hello @jramnai,

Thank you for the reply.
It appears that changes to /edx/app/edxapp/cms.env.json were not taken into consideration i had to also change the configuration in /edx/etc/studio.yml.
Now i can upload videos to AWS S3 and it shows under “Video Uploads” but when i add a unit with a video i put the video ID i get from “Video Uploads” it doesn’t work.

I have faced the same issue and posted it here, you can take reference of it.

Are you manually generating signed URLs for each video you upload?

Like it is described here?

So the default Video unit doesn’t generate the correct URL after i input the video ID i get from “Video Uploads” ?

I have created a function that will give me a signed URL instead of Video ID (after the video is uploaded) on the Video Upload page.

Now, course creator can easily copy that URL as you can copy the Video ID.

AFAIK, it will not generate the correct URL.