Video Uploads returns 404 in studio

Hi. I’m running openedx palm 4 with tutor in production. We need to have thumbnails for our video components. So I tried adding one, using the new video editor (course-authoring mfe). But it says that setting thumbnail is only available when choosing a video from library.

I did a bit more search and realised that in studio > course > content (header menu) there must be something called “Video Uploads” which my instance was missing. Searching more, I activated it from django admin and now I can see this option. But when I click on it, it returns 404. So am I missing something? I also saw this discussion but it seems to be kinda old.

I think the new video editor is still not fully functional in Palm.4.

I couldn’t find any thumbnail upload thing in the old video editor either. Is there any way of setting a thumbnail for an external video (video uploaded somewhere else and added to video component by its url)? Or any way of making the video upload module work?

You could try to use a newer @edx/frontend-lib-content-components version.
Check tutor mfe git for instruction.
Do it in dev env and make sure it does not break anything (text editor, problem editor) before making changes in production.

Thanks but this sound like a hassle, specially in terms of maintenance and future upgrades. I kinda prefer that the video upload feature gets fixed and work. Let’s see if @regis knows what may be wrong with the studio video upload feature.

As far as I know, the video uploads page never worked. It was an feature.

This is bad then. So any way of setting a thumbnail to a video from external source? Or is it possible to use a player link instead of video link? All I need is just a thumbnail : (