Vimeo videos in video component not working anymore

Until a few days ago, we were using Vimeo’s “distribution” video links to insert high resolution videos into the usual video component. These links had the format and everything went fine. Suddenly Vimeo made some changes and the links now have a format like and don’t work anymore.

I opened a support ticket with Vimeo and this is what they replied:

The issue is that Edx modifies the Vimeo link before ingesting it into their player, and so we end up rejecting it as the signature doesn’t match.

Vimeo link (that is copied into the URL field):`

But the URL that is used by Edx player is:

Notice the extra &1643016617704 value.

Because of this extra bit, we do not recognize the URL as valid and return a 403 (Forbidden) error.

We would recommend reaching out to Open edX if they can possibly strip out that extra value.

Yet it’s possible to insert the HLS link, but the other high res video links don’t work. Any idea why this extra code is added at the end of the link?

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I also have the same issue. I thought it’s something to do with Vimeo.

I have just come across the same issue on the EduNext platform. I spent a day going back and forth with EduNext and Vimeo support but ended up with the same information as you. I hope this can be solved soon!

Looks like HLS is the way to go. However there are some users complaining that bitrate does nor seem to autoadjust. We are still investigating. If you finde out something new pmease let us know

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