Voice Input Problem type

We would like to offer a language course on our Open edX platform which requires audio input responses from the students ( to grade their language, accent etc ) . Is there any plug-in available for the same ? (If not, Any suggestions how this can be achieved ?
Our organization would like to hire someone and get such a feature. Please let me know if anyone is interested to collaborate/ contribute)

@nadheemabdulla I don’t know of a plugin which allows to record the audio answers directly from the course page, but you could probably still achieve this by asking the students to record an audio file separately on their computer/phone, and then use either the Staff Graded Assignment XBlock or the Open Response Assessment XBlock to get them to upload and grade the file.

There also does seem to be an XBlock for recording videos, see https://edxchange.opencraft.com/t/audio-record-module/51 though I haven’t tested it.

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