Warnings upon building the docs for API

I was working on this issue and trying to run the docs locally where I got these loads of warnings. As @feanil suggested, I’ll put them here in the .txt file for you guys to examine whether some of these are occuring from my end.

Not to mention, I haven’t been able to install the base requirements, yet, due to some other errors. So if these warnings are from my end(which I highly suspect) please do let me know and tell me what to do. Thanks in advance.

edx-platform-make-html-warnings (222.0 KB)

@mehedikhan it looks like the docs did in fact build but there were just a lot of warnings during the build process. Did you look to see if you are getting useful results in the _build/html/ folder? If you can load up index.html and navigate around, it’s probably working as well as can be expected but perhaps you can help make PRs to fix some of these warnings.

@feanil yes, the docs do load up and I can navigate through them. I’m going to try to fix some of these warnings.

However, could you clarify the followings?

  1. Since I already have openEdx running via tutor, do I have to install the requirements? I’ve been getting errors trying install them.
  2. Considering you took a look at the warnings, are all of these openEdx issues? Could I face warnings locally since I didn’t install the requirements or due to other reasons? Cause I might come up with a fix to a warning but it could be my ‘local’ issue and I would be committing wrong changes thinking it was an openEdx issue.

The warnings are related specifically to building the documentation and not to running the Open edx Platform. If you’re building the docs inside your tutor docker container, you probably don’t need to re-install the requirements unless you see a specific error that suggests that you do. (Sometimes, if you’re missing an extension, it might require re-installing requirements/edx/doc.txt)