Weekly Highlights vs Nudges and Reminders

Is it possible for a user in a self-paced course to receive both “Weekly Highlights” and “Nudges and Reminders”? I am under the impression that a specific user for a specific course can only be in one “Experience Type”.

@jill I saw your documentation in a previous post from January 2020. Were you able at OpenCraft to have both “Experience Type” for the same user in the same course? Schedules in Django Admin does not seem to allow me to create another schedule for the same Course Enrollment. It’s either one or the other.

Any ideas on how to have both “Weekly Highlights” and “Nudges and Reminders” for the same course?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t think this is possible :thinking:

Just by the way the schedule model is designed, it’s a one to one relationship, so you can have only one schedule associated to one enrollment: edx-platform/models.py at open-release/koa.master · edx/edx-platform · GitHub

That was my understanding too.

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