What would you like to see under this year's Open edX Christmas tree?🎄

The Build/Test/Release working group is currently brainstorming to produce a medium- to long-term vision. What do we want to achieve in the next six months in terms of Open edX releases? Dream big!

I’ll start with my own Christmas list :spiral_notepad:

:gift: An Open edX platform running on a modern stack, including Python 3.7, Django 3 and Elasticsearch 7 on Ubuntu 20.04.
:gift_heart: A predictable release schedule and roadmap. Releases should not be like Christmas presents: surprises are overrated, spoilers and advance notice are great.
:red_gift_envelope: An easy to navigate Open edX operator handbook that describes how to launch, upgrade and operate an Open edX platform.

What’s on your list? Post your wishes here! :arrow_heading_down:


I would love to see:

  • Continuous integration testing for whatever installation method we are supporting.
  • An active and engaged BTR working group.
  • An explicit process for tracking what has changed in the code.
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I would love to see:

  • Easy integration of MFE in whatever installation method we are supporting

Yes! @Felipe has started writing up some ideas: Deploying MFEs in the community. Please provide feedback or help. Let’s get this done.

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Regarding some of the items on Regis’s wishlist:

  • We’re currently finishing the process of switching essentially all of the services over to Python 3.8, this should be done before the Python 3.5 EOL on September 13th.
  • With the Python 3.8 upgrade almost done, we’ve started working on Django 3.0 compatibility. But due to short support windows, we don’t plan to use non-LTS Django versions in any Open edX named releases. So the next version that we plan to support is 3.2 (due in April), but Koa should be mostly compatible with 3.0 and maybe even 3.1.
  • The Elasticsearch 7 upgrade is in progress for all relevant services, we hope to have that done in the next month or two.
  • We plan to have Koa using Ubuntu 20.04, but most of the work for that won’t start until the items above wrap up.

I just moved our upgrade project tracking page to a public location, you can now follow along here.


That sounds exciting! Thanks for sharing these details @jmbowman. :slight_smile:

Thanks for these great news @jmbowman. I can’t help but think that it would be amazing to have such a page where all Open edX developers publish what they are working on. That would tick item :gift_heart: on my wishlist.

:wave:t4: Note that the internal target date for edX teams to complete the Ubuntu and MySQL upgrades is mid-November. So those may not make it into Koa - if the plan is Nov 9th for the Koa master branch cut.

(Not being a Grinch - but the elder sibling telling you what’s real. :wink:)

In that case we would have to postpone Koa, as Lilac would come out later than the Ubuntu 16.04 support window.
Speaking for myself here: I think we really want to avoid postponing releases, so we could make the code freeze on Nov. 9th and backport the Ubuntu 20.04 changes before the Dec. 9th release date. But then we will really need to have those changes before the end of November.

I am confident that edX and the community will pull together to make disciplined six-month releases of secure software a reality.


We’re currently finishing the process of switching essentially all of the services over to Python 3.8, this should be done before the Python 3.5 EOL on September 13th.

@jmbowman do you have an update on this?

The current status of the Python 3.8 upgrade is at https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/1773306098/Python+3.8+Upgrade . It was delayed a little because we were late in discovering that we needed to upgrade from celery 3 to 4 (due to use of the “async” keyword in older versions of its kombu dependency in code that wasn’t called in tests), but about half of the 3.5 services have been upgraded to 3.8 already and the rest of the services should be shortly.

The good news from the delay is that all the edX services are now using the latest version of celery.

Thanks for the update @jmbowman! It looks like the upgrade should be ready in time for the Koa code freeze (Nov. 9), right?

@nimisha Is there a page where we can track the progress of the Ubuntu 20.04 upgrade?

https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/1165395730/Upgrades is an overview of these upgrades, with some links to pages tracking status.


Right. For now, let’s use the Upgrades wiki to keep track.

However, that page is manually updated.
Internally, we are using a New Relic dashboard to keep track. If @nberdnikov’s able to help us with Management of the Ubuntu upgrade as well, we can ask her to maintain a wiki for us (like she’s now doing for the Python 3.8 work).