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Hi everyone,

Currently we are having a Magento site running, I’m thinking of building a new OpenEDX platform to store the course content and sell it from Magento.

So currently, I’m planning to have users in my Magento site to be able to login to OpenEDX using their account, so I’m thinking of using SAML.

But I also want when creating course in OpenEDX, it will also create new product in Magento.

And when users buy that product, they will also to be able to enroll to this course.

Is this possible ? I’m still stuck with how users can enroll to a course from Magento, so I’m glad if someone could help.


Hi @Nguyen_Kain!

As far as I know, no one has built an integration layer between Magento and Open edX, but you could do that!

The APIs exposed here should help:

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Thank you,

I’ve looked at the API, but there are some questions that I can resolve, so if you can help me out, it would be great:

  1. How do I mapping the users in Magento with OpenEDX user ? So when the users in Magento buy product, it will enroll this user in OpenEDX, if there is any API that might help, please guide me.
  2. Do you know how can I detect when OpenEDX create course ? So I can call Magento API to create appropriate product?

@Nguyen_Kain, you may want to consider webhooks for this. I was involved with shopify integration a while a go; you could take a look at that code to get you started.

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Oh, and you may want to follow and participate in the hooks framework discussion: integration with other services is a significant reason that project is being undertaken.

Thank you, it’s very helpful for me to get started

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