xAPI implementation

Hey. Thank you very much for the info.

@Zia_Fazal Hey. Have you uploaded xAPI content onto the OpenedX LMS by any chance? Looking to implement xAPI for my organization.

Also @arbrandes would like to know if opencraft will be able to help my organization develop xAPI content?

We’d be glad to! Feel free to send @Fox_Piacenti a private message, and he’ll get back to you ASAP.

To be clear, though, we focus on hosting and software development. Another way to say it is that we’ll be glad to help you deploy Open edX, or modify Open edX itself to suit your needs - including improving content creation tools, or modifying the existing xAPI implementation to work with other platforms - but the actual creation of content will be up to you.

Hey @arbrandes it seems like I can’t privately message @Fox_Piacenti Can you please let me know if I can reach out by any other way?

Hey @Fox_Piacenti On behalf of my organization I would like to find out if OpenCraft will be able to help my organization with implementing xAPI in our courses which are hosted on the Open edX LMS. You can find our courses at Courses | IIMBx

@ajaykrupalk we have authored a library to transform Open edX events into xAPI statements and route those xAPI statement to LRS. Let me know if we can help you further.

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@Zia_Fazal Thank you for your response. Can you please give us a demo of how you have implemented this? or if you could send me a video that also would be great. Thank you very much for this insight.

@ajaykrupalk Hi! i’m part of @Zia_Fazal’s team for xAPI and Caliper implementation in Open edX. We are almost finished authoring the library and preparing to conduct demos. I like your idea of demo videos. Let me discuss with my team if we can make a demo video or should we go for a live demo. Will get back to you towards the end of this week. Thank you for your interest.

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Hey @aayub02 Thank you very much. We will be eagerly waiting for the demo.

Hey there, @ajaykrupalk ! I think a handful of others in this thread which are working on xAPI implementations may be able to help you better at this point, for a few reasons:

  1. The xAPI work that was intended to be delivered in core is not yet ready, as far as I know. If you’re looking for mainline support of xAPI you may need to invest considerable resources in development.
  2. The other folks who have replied here appear to have worked on some library/plugin solutions and are more familiar with them. These solutions may meet your needs in a more cost effective way.
  3. OpenCraft is currently at capacity in terms of projects and we’re holding off on taking new ones for a few months.

Developing integrations with new APIs and standards are definitely within our wheelhouse, and this sounds like something we’d be awesome at. However given the above notes, you may want to check out these other options. If you’re willing to wait a while, would you circle back with us in a few months by emailing contact @ opencraft.com?

Hey @Fox_Piacenti Thank you for taking time to respond back. Completely understand your viewpoint. We will definitely circle back to you if we are still not able to get it done. Thank you once again.

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Hi @aayub02 Another doubt from my team is if we can route the xAPI statements to AWS QuickSight as well for analysis?

Hi @Zia_Fazal and @aayub02. Do we have any updates for the library as well as the demo?

@ajaykrupalk we are still making some minor tweaks to make the library available as a plugin. May take us this whole week. Instead of a demo video, let’s have a meeting where we can discuss and show you the library functionality and you can tell use more about your use case. If you can drop me an email on aamir.ayub@arbisoft.com, we can take it from there. Thanks.

Hi @aayub02 we are facing some errors with the installation of the plugin. Please help us rectify it.

Could you please explain what kind of errors you are facing?

Hey @Zia_Fazal I have mailed Aamir a screenshot of the errors and we are awaiting a demo video from Aamir about the installation.

Hey @arbrandes Do you know of any other alternatives to install xAPI on Open edX. We unfortunately weren’t successful in installing edly’s plugin since our event-routing-backends version is 1.0.0 and the plugin supports v1.1.1. We won’t be able to upgrade as it would disturb our existing data and structure.

Based on what I know, the options @arbrandes (mentioned below) are the only two options available at the moment.

The other methods would be creating similar management commands to the ones available with the edX enterprise service.

Forwarding logs and generating the necessary xAPI events from the logs should also be possible.

If you’re interested in specific Open edX that might appear only in the frontend (since certain events take place both in the frontend and backend), you can hijack those frontend events using jQuery’s ajax and send them to your infrastructure as xAPI events as well.

All these solutions are possible and can be created separately from the edX platform and its code-base. It will depend on the format of the events, though.

I should mention, though, that these solutions aren’t really recommended. The library @Zia_Fazal and @Zia_Fazal’s team created is supposed to be the proper way to address xAPI integration.

But, yeah, these are some of the work-arounds we’ve considered or done at OpenCraft for some of our clients before OEP-26 was implemented.

I hope that helps :smiley: