XBlock SDK – Docker – workbench_database

I’m trying to following the directions GitHub - edx/xblock-sdk: Workbench and example xblocks for setting up the XBlock SDK, however, I get an error about no such table: workbench_xblockstate.

After further investigation I don’t see a SQLITE_DB=var/workbench.db as mentioned here xblock-sdk/Makefile at master · edx/xblock-sdk · GitHub

The directions here mention setting up a connection to the MySQL devstack database using WORKBENCH_DATABASES.

After running python manage.py migrate we were able to provision the database tables on MySQL lite database. Is there any reason why we would want to use the MySQL devstack container rather than using the local MySQL lite provided by this XBlock SDK?

cc: @braden @arbrandes @jill @bsande6

@Zachary_Trabookis, let me refer you to Braden’s comment from a couple of months back:

In other words, unless you have a strong reason for using the SDK, you should probably be developing your XBlock against edx-platform in the devstack.