Xblock to play self hosted H5P content in Open edX

Edly has developed H5P xBlock for the Open edX. It has the ability to self-host and play H5P content in Open edX. Providers can upload new H5P content or reuse existing content on this xBlock on their Open edX installations.

Here are some unique features of this xBlock:

  • Ability to self-host H5P content on your Open edX
  • Capture the H5P content score and integrate it with Open edX’s scoring and grading modules
  • Ability to mark H5P content complete in open edX automatically
  • Save learner state after certain intervals

Here are the steps to setup and play H5P content using this xblock.


Hi @Zia_Fazal ,
I have tried it in my testing server with production settings. if anyone wanted to install this xblock please be careful if they have installed minio plugins. You need to disable minio if it is not properly configured to run this xblock.

thanks for sharing @Zia_Fazal . this is very interesting.

do you want to have it listed in the open edX extensions lists?
Please fill out this form

Once reviewed, I can process the addition of this extension to the list .


Thanks @juancamilom Yes definitely. I have filled that form.

Hi Juancamilom,
I have tested every xblock that is compatible with Nutmeg. for your reference I have attached the thread.

I had missed the initial notification, this is very exciting news.