25 May 0700 UTC: AMEA Meetup! (EVERYONE welcome!)

:wave: Hi everyone! I loved the chance to get to meet people at the conference, especially those in other timezones that can’t make it to regularly scheduled Working Group meetings. Thus, I am hosting an AMEA (Africa, Middle East, Asia/Australia) meetup at 0700 UTC on 25 May to get another opportunity to meet up with everyone. If you’re reading this, you’re invited!

:calendar: Google calendar Invite!

:computer: Zoom link

:notebook: Agenda

A simple agenda! For the first 20 minutes we’ll be social and answer some silly questions, such as, “what is your most useless talent?” (personally, I find infinite uses for the exactly ten bricks I own)

For the remainder of the time, I would like to know:

  • Do you feel part of the Open edX community? Why or why not?
  • How could I (or in general, people at tCRIL / people in American & Western European time zones) help integrate all our world-wide Open edX members?

I’d love to see many of you there! If this is a hit I’d also be interested in meeting up on a periodic basis.

:bowing_woman: Thanks

Thanks to @jill for the inspiration and for helping co-host the event (probably a bit more awake than I’ll be :grinning: )


Is there anyone else on this side of the world who’d like to join? Pinging the people I think are over here – apologies if I mis-ping or miss people!

@chintan @jramnai @Peter_Koblyakov @ghassan @xitij2000 @Maksim_Sokolskiy @idegtiarov @omar @Zia_Fazal … (can only mention 10 people in a post so…)

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@pkulkark @farhaanbukhsh @kaustav @gabor @0x29a @Cassie @antoviaque @DanielMcQ ^


@jill already added to my calendar :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing me out to this post.

Same here … already added this to my calendar and looking forward to meeting everyone

I have an appointment already scheduled that morning so I won’t be able to make it, but I want to salute the action @sarina @jill - I hope there are follow-up sessions, I’d love to join one! :+1: (and maybe record it :slight_smile: )

Thank @jill

I’ll join have added the invite

Hi @antoviaque

We did not record it as far as I know. We plan to do another AMEA meetup in July to be decided.

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I was thinking of recording it, but since it was such a small meeting (5 people) I felt a little weird recording what could be a more intimate/social conversation. I didn’t want people to act differently because we were recording.

I think for casual “Meetups” (as opposed to more formal WGs), notes should suffice. Here are my notes, and I welcome @jill @Cassie @Dean @kaustav to add more to what I may have missed. 2022-05-25 AMEA meetup notes - Google Docs

I wanted to join but other meetings came up :frowning:

@chintan we might do another one in June/July.

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