AMEA community meetup (EVERYONE welcome!)

Hi everybody! :wave:

I am (finally) following in the footsteps of the sensational @sarina by scheduling an AMEA community meetup.

Like the the last AMEA meetup, this one is at 0700 UTC (and if that time makes your eyes water, then you’ll understand why we who occupy the other half of the world need our own meetups! :grin: ).

Google calendar invite

Zoom link
0700 Thu 12 Jan 2023 UTC

I’ve invited everyone off the current CC list who I suspect is in a favourable timezone. But I’ve surely missed people, and absolutely everyone is welcome to attend, so please add yourself in and come along!


In the spirit of the first meet-up, we’ll keep it simple, and discuss:

Eveyone is also very welcome to reply on this thread with things to discuss during or after the meetup. We’ll post notes in Confluence if any interesting action items arise, and will post a link to the meeting recording afterwards.

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Wishing everyone a great year ahead, and hope to see you at the meetup!
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EDIT Apologies, I’ve moved the meeting to Thu 12 Jan, and updated the original post accordingly.

Hi @jill

I’ll put it in my agenda. No promises. I might attend if I am not in bed by then (2 AM - 3 AM) on the east coast of Canada.

Oh my mistake @sambapete … I blanked and thought you were in Europe! No pressure :slight_smile:

Thanks for organizing this meetup. It was great to get to know you and to chat with you.
I created a slack-channel for our group. Feel free to join: #amea-community


We had a great meet-up! Thanks to everyone for joining: @Nicole_Kessler @ali_hugo @chintan @Maksim_Sokolskiy @omar @xitij2000 @farhaanbukhsh

It was great to put faces with names, and we had some good discussions! Looking forward to chatting more on Discourse/Slack, and seeing as many of you as possible at the conference, hearing your talks and discussions there.


Hi everyone :wave:

Weren’t able to attend the last AMEA meetup? No sweat - the next one’s coming up next month! We’ll be meeting at 07:00 UTC on Thursday 16 Feb. Details to follow…

P.s. @jill Thanks for your stellar organisational skills for the previous meetup. Big shoes to fill! :wink:


Sorry I missed the first one :melting_face:

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