404 error Demo the new Grading Experience

I get a 404 error when I click the link to Demo the new Grading Experience in the Instructor Dashboard under Open Responses tab.

Running Olive with Tutor. I noticed these Features not supported in Tutor Now I am wondering if my issue is due to this or should I be looking somewhere else for a solution.

I would actually just want to grade ORAs but there is no other link available.

New ORA Grading is not supported in Tutor yet. You can see it in this BR
To grade ORA you can click Grade Available Responses button.

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Thank you for the feedback. That is the way we have been going about this but it is easier to grade it via the Dashboard.

Hopefully the grading option will be available with the new release from the dashboard?

You can watch the demo video here.
It has not been confirmed but the New ORA grading could be available in Tutor in Palm release (June 2023).

Thank you. That looks great!