ORA Demo button behaivior

Hi folks,

I just came up with a question about ORA redirect, I testing the MFEs activating and deactivating functionality in the palm and I noticed the “Demo the new Grading Experience” button which is good, but because my instance doesn’t have the MFE configured, the button redirect to not found page.

I just want to understand if this is the normal behavior, I, mean, I cannot deactivate ORA MFE completely, I saw some refactoring maybe this behavior changes in the new releases, or if I’m missing something that makes the button disappear when my instance doesn’t have any MFE ORA-Grading configuration, or if the code should check at least the URL is configured to enable the button.

Thanks in advice

Thank you for bringing this up. I merged the fix yesterday. chore: stop esg url to show up when the environment is not defined by leangseu-edx · Pull Request #2200 · openedx/edx-ora2 · GitHub