502 issue only on some computer/browsers


On some computer/browser I have received this 502 issue. Now I was not able to isolate the issue and it’s a very strange one. I’ll describe below maybe someone has a similar one and can help.
A user for example logged in on a computer/browser trying to access a course index link go to an URL that not exist on openedx and lms send back 502. Now the same user connected to other computer and sometimes other browser accessing the same link worked fine. The only idea that I have is that the browser cache but sometimes the clean-ed up of cache fixed this issue but other times not.
Sorry that I don’t have more details and not able to isolate this as for me is more client wrong URL but not sure how this wrong URL is used by the browser. Hope someone have a similar issue and can help :slight_smile: .

502 indicating errors on server side, you have to read logs to investigate the issue.

thanks for feedback. Agree it’s server side but somehow the browser come on lms with wrong URL and lms respond with 502 as page not exists.

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