About updating theme styles

The two themes are exactly the same. I just changed the name, but their effects are different. The CSS file works, but if you modify the CSS file now, the theme will not be updated。

The CSS file for the other theme doesn’t work at all,

The contents of the two theme folders are the same. They are the same CSS files
What is the reason

Hello, @hijulien-gan

Can you please be more specific ?

What commands are you firing ?
What changes are you trying to achieve ?
What are you using ? (tutor or native)
What Open edX version ?

Also if you are changing theme folders are you updating assets again ?
If you are using tutor that requires to build image again.

Sorry, my fault. I use tutor. The version is 13.2.0. There are two same theme files under my theme folder. But when I run tutor dev start LMS, tutor dev settheme mythemename1, and tutor dev settheme mythemename2, these two themes with the same name have different effects. Thank you