Appropriate URL for Studio where no DNS set

Hi folks,

openedx on tutor on ubuntu on GoogleCloud

Install went well after some troubleshooting.

Can access the User frontend using the external IP of the VM, no probs.

What is the appropriate URL structure to access Studio on this IP? Tried setting in the config when starting Tutor, but no joy there.


Matthew P

Just an idea, but if you use it for testing only, you could use an arbitrary DNS name and point your local hosts file to these DNS names. This way you cannot use HTTPs and certificates, but you should be able to use DNS to access the various sites.

For infos how to edit the hosts file on different OS see for example Modify your hosts file -

Thanks Wasabi! Excellent idea. I ended up just registering a domain (as I was probably going to anyway and that sorted out the issue!

Matthew P

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