Tutor Open edx on Ubuntu 20 - Cannot access outside of the VM

I was able to install tutor open edx in a VM with docker. However, I cannot get to it outside of the virtual machine. It only works on the local.overhang.io and studio.local.overhang.io on the virtual machine. The ubuntu server firewall is disabled. I have tried to change the config on these two files but it is not working:


Any help is appreciated. I have struggled for hours trying to get this working.

I also created a DNS entry in my network, also not working not even on the localhost when I change to that using the tutor local launch and say it is production. At this point I have to restore the snapshot

Hi Leo,

The DNS entry you created in your network, are they like
local.overhang.io >

By default, Virtual Machines use NAT for their networks. You need to ensure that your virutal Machine’s network interface is configured to be in Bridged Networking Mode.

If that doesnt happen, then you have to cater for ip forwarding within the VM and set appropriate routes with gateway IPs to be able to communicate from / to your local network.

my two cents…

God bless!

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