Feedback Requested: Development Environment Vision

There have been several recent efforts to improve the Open edX development environment, but it’s sometimes unclear how they fit together or which areas are most important to focus additional effort on. In order to assist with planning and prioritization in this area, I’ve written up a draft Development Environment Vision document in Confluence to suggest a possible target end state and start prioritizing work to get us there.

Please add comments to the document or in this thread if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement. About 10 people have provided useful feedback on an earlier draft of this document, but I’d now like to open it up for broader review and feedback.


Overall I think it’s a great document! We all have an intuitive understanding of what a good development environment should be, but this document converts this intuition into more precise words, so thanks for that.

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I got some good feedback on this and after an edit today regarding Kubernetes vs. docker-compose usage, I think I’ve addressed all the points that were raised. If I missed anything or you haven’t provided your feedback yet, please speak up. But otherwise I think we have consensus on generally what we want to accomplish, if not necessarily the details of how to do it.

To that end, the following efforts aligned with the next steps outlined in the doc are already in progress:

The remaining next steps are currently queued up for the Arch-BOM team to work on primarily due to lack of development bandwidth to do them in parallel:

  • Continue OEP-37 (Dev Data) implementation & refinement
  • Identify and address the easiest fixes to improve the experience of using devstack

I’m exploring options for getting those started sooner, please get in touch if you are interested in working on them.

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