Invitation (with Pre-work): Special Guest Luca Mezzalira on Micro-Frontends

Hey all,

If you can make this time (Thurs July 9th, 2-3pm EST), please join edX engineers in a Q&A discussion with Luca Mezzalira, VP of Architecture at DAZN. If you are interested, please RSVP to this thread or email me ( and I will add you to the invite.

More context
I had an opportunity to meet and get to know Luca at a recent O’Reilly architecture conference. As an up-and-coming industry expert on Micro-frontends (MFEs), Luca recently authored a book on micro-frontends, to be published by O’Reilly early next year.

While our platform architecture is a year-and-a-half into applying MFEs to our monolith strategy, we still have a way to go as we mature our frontend platform. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to come and hear how we may apply Luca’s learnings and experiences on developing and scaling MFEs.



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Hey @nimisha, that sounds great! I’ll be happy to attend (

@nimisha, this is a great idea! Count me in:

@nimisha, I’d like to attend this discussion as well.

Looks like an awesome talk, thank you for organizing it @nimisha!

I can’t make that time, but would it be possible to video it and post that somewhere?

@nimisha I’d like to attend the discussion as well (

I’d like to be there too!

@nimisha Sounds great! I would love to attend as well.

Great! Those responded should have received an invite to Thursday’s event.

@jill Yes, we will record the event.

If it’s not too late, then I’d like to attend as well (

@0x29a Not too late! Event’s on Thurs. Just sent you the invite.

Can you send me an invitation.


I would like to join as well (

I’d love to join it as well (

Hi @nimisha,

I would like to join as well (


Hi @nimisha,
Thanks for bringing this up, I would love to join (
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Hey @nimisha.

I’d like to join as well. Can you send me an invite? (

I would like to join as well (


Everyone who responded here should have received an invite from me for tomorrow. If you didn’t please email me: nimisha at

Reminder to watch the 30mn video before our Q&A tomorrow - so we can dive deep and geek out on MFEs! :nerd_face:

See ya tomorrow!

Hey all,

For those who could join us today, I hope you found our time with Luca informative and insightful. For those who missed it, you can watch the recording.

Within edX, @djoy is planning to de-brief with others to absorb the info and see what we want to apply to our platform. If folks are interested, we can do a similar de-briefing with the Open edX community. Perhaps @Felipe and others may have an interest in discussing Deployment/Configuration options.

If you had a question for Luca that was not answered during this session, Luca has graciously offered to answer any lingering questions we have. Also, if you are interested, he has invited us to join the MFE slack space with himself and other MFE practitioners.

Cheers! :tea: