Are Verifiable Credentials or Credentials available for courses?

I’ve read up on few links on Verifiable credentials and credentials, but I am not able to determine if verifiable credentials or credentials in general are available for just courses (not courses within programs or programs in itself).

For example the documents here suggest that it’s only available for programs, but then the link here in same docs suggests that it’s available for courses or programs

While credentials application does have support to create the course certificates, I am not able to see the records in Learner records MFE (Which says something like “No records of programs found”).

So are credentials in general and verifiable credentials available for normal courses ? Or they are just available for the programs ?

The work to add course credential support to the credentials service is happening now. The implementer is focused on issuing credly badges, but issuing other types of credentials should be a short step away when these changes land.

See the design here:

Thank you @e0d for the reply.

Okay, I get it now.

For anyone else stumbling upon this, Only program credentials are available as of quince.1 and as Edward mentions course creds are short step away.

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