Aspects Analytics in Harmony?

The Data Working Group meeting on Aug 9 will include a Product Proposal presentation for Aspects v1, which will go into beta next month, and aspires to be production ready by the end of 2023.

The Aspects Tutor plugin (formerly known as the Open Analytics Reference System or OARS) provides an analytics processing pipeline and presentation frontend using Open edX and 3rd-party tools like ClickHouse and Apache Superset. Operators can opt to use ClickHouse Cloud, and that’s what we’re recommending for production users, but the other tools are best managed as docker containers on Kubernetes.


  • How hard do we think it will it be to add support for Aspects deployments to Harmony ?
    Even just “T-shirt size” estimates would be helpful.
  • Does anyone have time and interest in integrating Aspects v1 into Harmony ?

Hello Jill,

I’ve worked close with @Ian2012 trying to get Aspects running in a couple staging instances and so far I don’t see anything that makes me worry about Harmony and Aspects. Each tutor instance that is added in a new namespace should be free to add the aspects plugin and go.

A longer term view probably would benefit from having some shared services such as clickhouse, similar to how we currently add Elasticsearch. But that does not have to be a hard requirement to get started.

In short I would say that no effort to S-size to begin with.

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