Axim Funded Contribution - React Video Player Discovery & Technical Design

Hello everyone! Axim is pleased to announce a new contribution project to help advance the Open edX platform. This project aims to do a thorough discovery and create a technical implementation design (ADRs, Architectural & interaction diagrams as necessary) for a replacement to our current platform video player. The player will be based on Video.js, chosen as part of initial technical design & product requirement discovery (see A New Video Player for All: Comments Requested on React Player Specs).

We are seeking proposals from existing community members as well as qualified organizations looking for a first project to join the community. All proposals from providers interested in undertaking this work must be submitted by May 17th, 2023 and Axim expects to choose a provider by May 26th, 2023.

In the approach memo, there are many product requirements defined as well as some technical ones. One major technical decision has been made - to use Video.js - and a few smaller ones are detailed in the document, too. However, this document does not define the architecture of the new player or how it will be implemented/integrated with the current XBlock. Migration plans of .sjson files, potential migration plans of SRT files to VTT, and analysis/deprecation of existing video xblock fields have not been done. There is a lot of work to be done before we can really begin building the replacement player in earnest, so in this first RFP we seek to lay the groundwork carefully to ensure we’re building the right thing.

We’ll be looking for proposals that have a strong understanding of the current video player/XBlock and video infrastructure of the platform. Price, timeline, and a proven ability to work with the Open edX code base will also be important factors in our decision.

Details on the selection and project status, as well as a draft Statement of Work explaining the proposed project in more detail, are located at FC-0010 React Video Player (Discovery & Technical Design). The draft Statement of Work can (and will) be amended as conversations with the providers unfold but should be considered the most authoritative source of what we are looking for from these proposals.

Please send all proposals to and cc both sarina at as well as ed at . Feel free to contact me and @e0d with any questions on email, Slack, or comment here.

We are looking forward to your questions and proposals!