Hello! An error with our Video XBLOCK (video component)

Dear All!

We in Madrasa have quite a serious problem with our video components. They are sort of “missing” - The video is showing without any controls and the loading signal keeps on showing up even when there’s no need.

This has never occurred to us, and we are struggling to find a solution. We are teaching thousands of people Arabic in order to promote better understanding and communication between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and would appreciate your help a lot!

Thank you,

@gsevitt Welcome!

I don’t have the answer to your question, but to get one it might be helpful to post some further details about your issue. What player do you use in Open edX to play videos? The default one, or a custom XBlock? Where do you host the videos? Are there any errors in the JS console? A link to a page showing the issue might also help people trying to answer you.