Batch question entry to the library

Hi, is it possible to enter batch of questions in the library? For instance .csv .xml or .xsl format?

Thanks from now!

Hi @Rojda_Bozkurt , by default that functionality is not available.

Thank you for your answer.

Well, is there any way to do it?

Adding a custom functionality would be a good option, you’ll have to develop something for that.

Hello @Rojda_Bozkurt,

You can create a custom XBlock to take CSV file as input (which contains questions with answers) and on upload of it you can create questions in studio (just a thought).


Since the libraries funtionality allows you to import content using the OLX format, you can also try the route of creating an OLX version of your list of questions from the csv or xls file with the question bank, and then import said olx file into your open edX library.

An automated procedure to transform a list of questions to olx is not available as far as I know, but in the past we successfully created a way to turn a few hundred multiple choice questions to the required OLX format ready to be imported.
A key factor back then was that the questions where relatively simple, with one question, 5 alternative answers and only one correct answer for each.

If your set of questions is more complex / diverse, it will probably be harder, but still possible I believe.