Question bank and shuffle questions in quiz

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a question bank with multiple questions, and create quiz, which take random questions fro this question bank. Is there any options or plugin available in open edx.

Hi there-

Yes - there is the Library functionality that allows you to create a collection of problem components that you can use in an assessment within one or more courses. Conceptually, you create a new library and add any course team members to it that should have access. Then you enable libraries in your course in advanced settings, then add the “randomized content block” to your course where you want the assessment, then select the library. The documentation lays it out very clearly, I think.

The thing to remember about a library is it is a stand-alone container of questions. This means you can point to the same content library from multiple courses which can save you time by not having to build the same assessment questions repeatedly. The bad news is you can’t “mix” different questions for different exams in the same library. So, if you want to have a collection of questions for exams at different academic levels, you’ll need to create separate libraries of questions for each level. I hope that makes sense!




Thanks @Ildi_Morris for the support. let me try as your suggestions.