Beginner with General Question

Hello!! My name is Betsy. I’m the Director of Learning Solutions at OpenMind. We’re a small nonprofit creating tools and resources based on social psychology, intended to help people communicate constructively across differences.

We are exploring ways to distribute our content more widely. My colleague, our Director of Product, received information from EdX about a partnership that included a $300,000 initial fee. Upon my exploration, I found OpenEdx. It seems different than the Edx platform.

Please forgive the basic nature of these questions. My background is in learning solution design and our team lacks a technology expert at the moment.

My questions are:

  1. What are the costs associated with distributing content via OpenEdx?
  2. Is there a website I can visit that outlines the basic steps?
  3. What are the content requirements? (SCORM or building within the OpenEx authoring tools)
  4. Does OpenEdx support LTI integration with an existing platform?

Thank you for your time and help!

Truely speaking, OpenEdx is open source and only hosting and maintaining cost are involved primarly.

Many features are supported by OpenEdx out of box or by adding some open source plugin. Please follow below list for features:

For Hosting solutions, follow below link:

Hi @Betsy_Lee!

You can watch the following video to understand the differences between and Open edX

Regarding the other points:

You can host the platform or you can get a managed solution from any of the service providers:
Each option has different costs depending on the model that you consider.

Open edX has its own authoring tool (Studio). You can browse this course to have more information:
You can also integrate SCORM content.

Yes. You can check the documentation for more details: