I want to discuss creating an online course on edX

Hello. I want to develop a single online course on edX but I am getting a little confused regarding the payment plans. My course will be free and I am writing on behalf of a non profit organization. I dont want to pay a lot in order to create a course.

Hi @Anum_Imran!

This forum is geared towards users and developers of the Open edX software; you’re better off asking questions related to edx.org directly to them.


@arbrandes - I think @Anum_Imran was asking how he could get started with a cheap / free hosted version of Open edX.

Is there somewhere a convenient list for where to get started?

@Anum_Imran - I am running a free course from grant money, so I can fund my own hosting. In particular, I have smallish Google Cloud VM, with 2 CPUs and 8GB of memory, that costs about $50 per month to run. Regis Behmo set up a default Open edX instance there via Tutor, but I think you should find it pretty straightforward, if you can configure your DNS, and follow the Tutor quickstart guide with some experimentation.

My gut sense is that it should be possible to run a small online course off of a single hosted server for no more than $5/month. Depending on your situation, you may want to start with a server you own, instead of one you rent. (Caveat: I’ve done some self-hosting, but not of an Open edX instance.) It really all depends on your anticipated enrollment, IT flexibility, and uptime needs.

Hi @Anum_Imran and @matthew-brett

Check out the known providers here to get started fast: Open edX installation and hosting – Open edX

You’ll find hosting packages as affordable as $50 per month for 50 users.

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