Can anyone help me answer these 3 questions?

1- Whether OpenEDx platform is to be hosted in a OpenEdx sandbox url or self hosted ( example)?

2- Can they add authentication tokens when clicking through landing page links? Is there any other verifier api or auth system that they can provide us to verify the users landing to ai-landing page.

Separately, you can confirm about the payment gateway/stripe and how the monthly subscription is handled?

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  1. Sandboxes serve only to test it out and play around with how it works, and they usually wipe regularly to keep it clean for testers. You indeed want to self host if you are to run your own instance of Tutor. This can be in a cloud vps, or on-premises server (baremetal machine or virtual machine) or a spare PC tucked away in your garage, whatever suits your requirements.

  2. This may be of interest to you, OAuth/SAML 4.23. Enabling Third Party Authentication — Installing, Configuring, and Running the Open edX Platform documentation
    (I’ve not delved into setting this up yet so good luck)

@Arthur_Schneider You posted these exact same questions on 5 (!) different Slack channels as well as this forum. In the future, please post in only one place. If you don’t get any reply after a few days, feel free to post a link to your original post in other places to draw attention to it. But posting the same question in different places wastes people’s attention and creates fragmented answers, where it’s harder for others to see how your question was answered. Thank you.

  1. You can self-host or get someone else to host it for you, on whatever domain name you’d like.
  2. It’s a little unclear what you’re asking. Who is “they”? Is the landing page in question on your Open edX instance or on another site? What are you trying to verify?
  3. Are you asking about “Netflix-style” monthly subscriptions, where users get access to all your courses for a monthly price? If so, most of the Open edX ecosystem is still built around a pay-per-course model. I’m not actually sure if there is a way to handle subscriptions that is built-in. I believe you generally have to use an external system (like Stripe) to manage the subscriptions and then use an API integration to grant or revoke catalog access to users based on their subscription status. Let us know if that’s what you need and maybe others can share details.

I’m sorry. I will try to do better next time.

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