LTI integration

We are currently doing LTI integration between openedx and the Bigblue button. What we can see in that is we can specify the URL of BBB in the LTI module and it will lead to a classroom. How to specify course-specific classrooms during LTI?

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@Devi_Sithar It’s not really clear to me what you mean by “How to specify course-specific classrooms during LTI?” Can you explain your use case a bit further, and give examples of how the students and teacher would interact with the end result?

I integrate BBB and openedx through LTI.
I need to create a classroom in BBB and map that room to a course in Openedx.
How can I do that? is there any way to specify the room details during lti integration.

@Devi_Sithar I’m not sure that’s possible currently. My understanding is BBB will automatically create a new meeting for each place it’s embedded.

It should be possible to support what you want, but it will require changes to BigBlueButton. Essentially, you will need to add a custom parameter that passes along the meeting ID to use.

@xitij2000 Thanks for the reply