Bigbluebutton LTI integration

I am trying to integrate bigbluebutton into open-edx but without success.
My websites are all https protocol .

Here is the result when I click the link

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I intend to create an xblock for BBB. But that does not solve your problem at the moment.


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Hi again,

I managed to get BigBlueButton to work with LTI integration. I had the same error message as above first.

For me it was a configuration issue with the bbb server the secret within /usr/share/bbb-lti/WEB-INF/classes/ did not match the proper server secret (bbb-conf --secret).
Restart bbb-server if you have to do any changes to config → bbb-conf --restart.

I foud out with bbb-conf --check. bbb-conf --status gives you an overwiew on running bbb services bbb-lti must be runing.

If you use https and a proxy server you have to pass the protocol to bbb-lti. (BigBlueButton : LTI) The lti parameters for edx you can get with bbb-conf --lti and then assemble your pass string.

This you will put into advanced course settings → LTI-Passes
e.g. [

You should get directly to the conference then without the weird page (screenshot) if ii is working.

Best Regards

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Thanks for your answer.
I did a lot of ways to get it to work but it also didn’t work.
I think the problem is with http and https protocol, probably with a firewall

@Cover_Kami try to change the value of “SITE_NAME” from localhost to Sitename without HTTP at lms.env.json file then run restart LMS command

this change will solve issue of LTI https

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