BigBlueButton on Open Edx

I have set up a BigBlueButton server and I connected my Open Edx installation with this installation successfully through lti_consumer. My problem is that I cannot pass users’ email addresses or username. Everyone that is connected on BigBlueButton sessions uses the same username (moderator for the teacher and Attendee for students). Does anybody know how to pass the real students information?

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same problem here!!

and another problem:
401 error only for admin users

I have the same problem. Found this discussion in a bbb forum.

According to that, the problem is with OpenEdx not sending the username and email correctly.
For testing purposes, I added “lis_person_name_full=Test User” in the config of the LTI consumer unit, and then bbb shows “Test User” as the username for everyone.

Well, I found the following.
According to the bbb-lti log, openedx is sending lis_person_sourcedid while bbb-lti expects to see lis_person_name_full.
A look at the file of python module lti_consumer confirms that openedx is indeed sending lis_person_sourcedid

if self.xblock.ask_to_send_username and self.xblock.user_username:
lti_parameters[“lis_person_sourcedid”] = self.xblock.user_username
if self.xblock.ask_to_send_email and self.xblock.user_email:
lti_parameters[“lis_person_contact_email_primary”] = self.xblock.user_email

lti_consumer_xblock version is 1.1.8 for python 2.7