Call for Forum Moderators!


I’m Sarina, and I’m one of the current forum moderators here on the Open edX forums (there are 7 of us on the team). Today, we’re looking for some new members to join the moderation team; if you visit somewhat frequently and love the Open edX community, please get in touch!

Moderator responsibilities are not too onerous - we’d like you to try to visit at least once per week, read recent posts, respond to questions as you can, and - crucially! - take an extra second to “like” high quality posts, interesting questions, & good answers. I’d like to build up a community that gives each other kudos, and moderators are great for modeling that behavior.

The last major responsibility is to be on the lookout for offensive or spam posts, and delete the message (and ban the user, if it’s a bot or a repeat offender). We have a special Staff category on the forum where you can post if you’re unsure of what to do.

The forum moderator position is actually a part of our Core Contributor program. Details on that program are here, and a list of full moderation activities are here. Please comment or message me with any questions you may have! If you’re not sure you can commit, let me know - we may be able to work something out that works with your constraints.

Sarina (& the forum moderation team!)


Hi @sarina, I think I can volunteer for this.


Hi @andres !! Glad to hear from you. I’m going to send you a PM, please look out for it.

Hi @sarina! are you still looking for new moderators? I think I can help with this as well since I visit the forums around twice a week to keep my team in the loop :grin:


Hi @jalondonot - that would be wonderful! I will send you a PM shortly.

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