Core Contributor Nomination: Mahendra Chaudhari

I would like to nominate @Mahendra Chaudhari as a Core Contributor moderator. Mahendra generously answered the call for contributions - he would also like to contribute maintenance, and will join the maintenance working group. But to get started as a Core Contributor, since @Mahendra has been helping others on the forum for a while and is also willing to help with moderation, it could be a good first step.

Introducing Mahendra

Mahendra has been involved with Open edX since 2016, working for several companies on Open edX projects and customizations for clients. Mahendra is also active in the Open edX discussion forums, helping others troubleshoot issues and challenges (see his post history). He wants to start making more official contributions where he and his team are formally recognized.

@Mahendra would you like to say a few words, to complete your introduction?

Access sought

Forum moderation rights.


10% of Mahendra’s work time would be dedicated to core contributor duties (moderation & maintenance work).

Comment period

For this nomination to pass, Mahendra needs 5 positive votes and no un-addressed objections by March 1st, 2024: two weeks from this posting.


Thanks for your great forum contributions so far @Mahendra. Yes from me :+1:


I looked at @Mahendra’s profile in discuss and it speaks volumes. Definitely yes from me.


@Mahendra is a great addition to contributors, his posts on forum are useful. A yes from me.

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@Mahendra 's posts on the forum exemplify the three C’s.

Yes from me :+1:

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@Mahendra’s posts are detail-oriented and very much helpful. Yes from me.

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It’s +1 from me too. Thank you Mahendra for your commitment.

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We have 7 votes in favor, and no objection, so looks like you are now a core contributor @Mahendra, congratulations! :slight_smile:

I have created a ticket to get your onboarding started: [GH Request] Onboard Mahendra040 · Issue #1088 · openedx/axim-engineering · GitHub