Introducing: the Forums Moderation Team!

Hi all,

I want to take a brief moment to introduce the Forums Moderation team, who are tasked with keeping the forums civil, rerouting questions and posts to the right topics, ensuring out forums are free of spam, and helping to get questions answered as soon as possible. The Forum Moderator job is one of many in our core contributor program.

I’d like to first highlight our newest moderators - thank you so much for recently volunteering to join the team :medal_sports: :

And moderators who have recently renewed their commitments :tada: :

Finally I want to celebrate some members who have previously served as moderator: @mahyard, @MHaton, @ShimulChowdhury, and @swalladge. Thank you for helping the community :confetti_ball:!

All listed here: feel free to comment with a little intro about yourself - perhaps why you joined the project, and what keeps you in the community.


Excited to see so many great people in here, and it’s deeply saddening to not have time to help out more in the community these days!

Huge shoutouts to all the above for committing to supporting this community :clap:


Hi all,

Thanks @sarina for making the process smooth and more inclusive.

I started my journey in Open edX few years back and since then have been hooked onto it.

You might have seen me in some of the threads here, if things are simple enough I try to point people in correct direction. And most of the time I am the one finding a correct direction :stuck_out_tongue:

What keeps me in community is the tech-stack and the ability to learn something new everyday on the platform.

I like Open edX insights, reading fictional novels, watching movies and mostly browsing net for memes and stuff.



I’m looking forward to more moderators on the team. I’ll still be here, but the more the community sets the direction, the better for everyone.

I’ve been at edX since Oct 2012, and have been the Open edX sideline mascot for a long time :slight_smile: Outside of Open edX, I do other open source maintenance, juggle, recreational math, and walk. Here’s more than you ever wanted to know about me:!


Okeydoke, here’s a short intro.

I’ve been involved with Open edX since 2015. During this period I switched jobs twice (for a total of three different companies), but never left the community. Guess that says something about us. :slight_smile: Hobbies include maintaining an insane backup routine, trying to get my cat to sub for me in meetings, running a farm in Stardew Valley, and I (try to) stay fit by cycling, swimming, and running… very, very slowly.


Thanks for the warm welcome!

I started to take baby steps for contributing to Open edX in 2018. Since then, my contribution has slowly but steadily increased.

This year, I expect to take it to the next level joining and committing to several initiatives and efforts in the community, while I get more passionate and excited about this amazing project.

I enjoy napping with my :cat: , hiking the Andes :mountain_snow:, traveling :earth_americas: and playing video games :video_game:. In that order.


Oh man, Stardew Valley is relaxation, the game.


Hello! I have recently posted an intro there:

I contribute to the forums as moderator, and participate to them, because they are an important element of the community’s infrastructure. It allows us to process information as a community, and can host important meta improvement discussions. It’s also an important way to learn about the project, get help and acquire context when starting up.


Thanks, Sarina for this.

Hello all,

I am Jayram from India engaged with Open edX since 2018 and at the same year started my professional career as a Software Engineer.

In the daytime, I work at DRC Systems and help clients to spin up Open edX instances. And in the night, I try to answer the forum post about which I have some knowledge.

I also love to read forum topics cause it keeps me updated with the community and currently exploring tutor K8s.


@jalondonot I require more details about :cat: , please! It is a great honor and a great hobby, to have a cat to nap with. I have two nap buddies, Percy (orange) and Rupert (black/white):

I also have a lil guy (Simon) who isn’t so keen on cuddling just yet. He likes to play in the snow :joy: :snowman_with_snow:


Let me introduce Manchas :cat:

She loves to contribute to the Open edX community as well :grin: :grin:


@jalondonot nooooooooo she’s so cute i think my brain just exploded :exploding_head:

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This is so cool!

“the first merged pull request to the platform from the community outside of edX”