🚨 Call for Help 🚨 : Testing Coordinator and Bug Triager wanted for Redwood release!

The BTR WG is looking to fill the following vacant positions in preparation for the Redwood release:

  • Release Testing Coordinator: The release testing coordinator ensures release candidates are tested before a tag is made. The coordinator does not necessarily have to run tests themselves, but they will coordinate testing in general. From Redwood, the Product WG will be involved in the testing process supporting the Testing Coordinator with this task.

  • Bug Triager(s): The Bug Triagers are, in a nutshell, responsible for the proper use of the group’s issue board and for helping to prioritize and fix them. It is important to highlight that, whoever fills the bug triager position, won’t be by themselves but part of the bug triaging team.

As we will be cutting Redwood in approximately a month, we hope to fill these positions as soon as possible to begin preparations for the release testing process. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the roles. As you know, this process is critical for the community and we require your support, which I thank you in advance.