Can Open edX support hands-on cloud labs through native mode or plugins/extensions?

Hi, we are planning a project with a core LMS with the hands-on cloud labs support, for example, to provide a virtual programming lab, or one set of virtual machines with big data lab setup. Is it possible for Open Edx to support it through integration or plugins/extension? (similar to coursera hands-on project provided by Rhyme Softworks.)

I checked out Open Edx Studio but didn’t find a way to support it. Any hints or ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!

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@kayaliu Are you asking if there are existing integrations, or whether you can develop one? If it’s the later, Open edX does support a variety of integration and plugin/extension methods, which are described there:

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Yes, this definitely exists, and is being constantly developed. Please take a look at this:

The README should be good resource to get started, but if we can help out with any questions, please let us know. Thank you!

Thanks. will take a look on it.

Thanks. it’s really helpful. Will take a look and let you know if any question.

If you’d like to see this in action, please feel free to enroll in one of our free courses, such as (assuming you’re interested in learning Kubernetes). :slight_smile: