Can't access my local server's instance of open edx tutor

I’ve installed open edx tutor on my old laptop, which serves me as a local rockylinux 9 server and is connected to the internet. It has 8Gb RAM. Tutor installed fine, the service starts and I see the web addresses, to open the platform. They are:

I can easily ssh to the server from my Fedora 39 machine. The port 80 of the server is open. But I still can’t access the platform.

What am I missing? I’ve been trying to solve the issue for already 2 days. I’ve tried it also on ubuntu server. I had the same negative result.

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

The * domain names are for running Open edX locally. This is a confusing term: it means that you can only access the platform from the same computer where it is running. That’s because points to, i.e: localhost (proof)

To run over a network, you need to be able to reach your rockylinux server via a domain name. I suggest the following:

  1. Run tutor local launch again. Do not setup a “local” environment. For the LMS host, type For the studio, type Do not enable HTTPS/SSL (because you probably don’t own these DNS records).

  2. On your Fedora computer, modify /etc/hosts to indicate the IP address of your server:


  3. Open

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Hey Olegrom,

I think there’s some IP/DNS related issue here.

Have you checked this answer is a similar thread

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Wow, thank you so much for the answer. It is very enlightening. Now I understand the problem. The term “locally” is confusing in this regard, it would be good to make clarify it more in the documentation files. So thanks again, I will follow these steps, and give a feedback.

Hi! It didn’t work for me, unfortunately. I’ve done all the steps, but still can’t access tutor. I’ll just do a real local install on my Fedora machine.

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