Can't Add courses at ironwood

Hi there, congratulations for your excellent work, I didn’t know about this community and I’m very impressed.

The bad news are: I’m struggling with adding a course in ironwood. The new button doesn’t appear at, I have made the installation in a new fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 following exactly the recommended steps.

I have created a super user by cli at the server, now I don’t know if I need some specific privileges to create courses.

Can someone help me and give me some orientation, I have scrolled the documentation and didn’t found help.

Thank you.
Good work.

try the commands below to create a superuser,replace staff, with your username & email respectively

sudo su edxapp -s /bin/bash


/edx/bin/python.edxapp /edx/bin/manage.edxapp lms manage_user staff --staff --superuser --settings=production`


this URL currently shows LMS page.
Please review nginx configuration file /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/cms and try to change
this lines

  • listen 18010 ; -> listen 80;
  • server_name ~^((stage|prod)-)?studio.*; -> server_name;

and then restart nginx service with nginx -t && service nginx restart.

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