Can't find registration template

I need to change the text between “country or Region of Residence” and the “Create Account” button (please see image below)

Where is the template that produces this text?

Hi @kribby!
is this a place you are looking for -

@kribby, as @andrey.kryachko mentioned, this text is in the platform code itself and not in the template. Hence overriding it is not straightforward. You could create a custom registration extension form which has a field with the text that you want and you can disable/hide the built-in honor code field.

Please let me know if you have any questions or doubts.

Thanks @guruprasad for the suggestion. How does extending the registration allow me to disable the hounour code field?

@kribby, in lms.env.json, there is a variable REGISTRATION_EXTRA_FIELDS, which could look like this.

        "city": "hidden",
        "confirm_email": "hidden",
        "country": "required",
        "gender": "optional",
        "goals": "optional",
        "honor_code": "required",
        "level_of_education": "optional",
        "mailing_address": "hidden",
        "terms_of_service": "hidden",
        "year_of_birth": "optional"

You can set the "honor_code" field to "hidden".

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