CC Rights Expansion to enable RaccoonGang to maintain frontend-component-cookie-policy-banner

The RaccoonGang team would like to take over maintenance of the frontend-component-cookie-policy-banner repo in response to its proposed deprecation.

You may review the thread around this in the related GitHub issue.

Specifically, I recommend that we grant expand the CC rights of @idegtiarov and @Glib_Glugovskiy to cover the frontend-component-cookie-policy-banner repository.

Upon approval this repository will be included in phase 3 of the maintainership pilot, which will start in early August, 2023.

I am proposing a short comment period for this expansion given the context.

Comment Period: 28 July 2023 - 2 August 2023


Welcome, maintainers! :+1: from me

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+1 - and kudos in general to Raccoon Gang for taking on maintainerships, between this and the new mobile it’s great to take the maintenance on those.

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Absolutely – this is a useful repo with GDPR implications, so it’s great that RacoonGang are willing to take up its maintenance. Thank you!

:+1: to CC extensions for @idegtiarov and @Glib_Glugovskiy to make this possible.

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Yes +1! Thanks for the hard work :dizzy:

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A :+1: for me as well : )

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+1, totally! Very happy to see more community members take over maintenance duties.

:+1: from me as well. Welcome to new maintainers!

Sorry for the delay on my part finalizing this. We have the votes and no objections, so we’ll move forward with the rights expansion.