Volunteering to maintain the frontend-app-library-authoring repository

Hi all,

I am making this post to volunteer as a maintainer for the frontend-app-library-authoring repository, should it need one.


Hi @navin! Thanks you for volunteering. I’d like to leave the post up for a little while for anyone to voice comments, concerns, support, etc. but if there are no major issues I would love to accept your offer.

Given the holidays, let’s leave this open for comment till 2024-01-12T05:00:00Z and we can go from there!

Thank you for volunteering here @navin ! :smile:

Does this mean you’re extending your core contributor rights to include frontend-app-library-authoring, or do you already have merge rights there? (I’m asking because I don’t see this repo listed in your entry on List of Core Contributors.)

Good catch @jill. @navin since this would expand your rights, can you create a CC Rights expansion post as well?

Thanks for volunteering @navin . Heads up that we are considering merging this repository into frontend-app-course-authoring. However, it is not guaranteed that it will happen. Even if it does, it will take some time to get to that point, so it will be valuable to have your support as maintainer in the meantime.

Hey All,

There have been no other concerns and no other volunteers to take this repo so I think it makes sense to accept Navin as the maintainer. In the future, we can bundle taking over as maintainer and becoming the CC to a project (if needed) into the same post but since we didn’t do that here, I’ll make a rights expansion post for Navin so that he is a CC for this repo.


Created Rights Expansion: Navin Karkera so that we can complete this work.

@feanil @jill @kmccormick Sorry for missing the notification. @feanil Thank you for creating the rights expansion post.

Now that Navin is a CC of the repo, he is also the named maintainer as well. @navin can you update the catalog-info.yaml file and go through the other initial maintanence items and see if the repo needs any of those applied?

@feanil Thanks! I have created a PR to update maintainer info in the catalog-info.yaml file. Would you be able to go through it once as it is not very clear as to where we need to add the info.

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