Coding CC Rights Expansion: Max Sokolski


Related to acceptance of OEP-64, we will be imminently transferring two repositories from the RaccoonGang GitHub organization into the openedx GitHub organization.

In order to allow @Maksim_Sokolskiy to contribute to improving the CI/CD process in that repository, I would like to expand in commit rights to the following repositories upon their transfer.

Comment period
Given that Max is already a code core contributor and that he is requesting permissions persist after the transfer, and that this will allow him to maintain the mobile repositories, I strongly support this expansion.

The comment period will be 1 week, ending October 3rd.

Great news.

Here’s a hearty :+1:t2: for Max.

Peter Pinch
MIT Open Learning

Makes complete sense. The nomination also has my yes vote.

+1 from me! (Also very glad to have these in the org!)

:+1: from me!

Makes sense, :+1: from me

I support rights expansion :+1:

Thanks, y’all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: