Content Library Creation

I am trying to create a new content library. But I am unable to select anything at Organization field, nor it is allowing any typing there. How to resolve this?

Hello @shaji2976803,

Please provide snapshot of the issue you are facing. Also, you can check for any error using the browser’s inspect element.

BTW, which Open edX version you are using?

Please provide this detail so that community can help you.

Hi @shaji2976803

I work with edunext, which is a digital educational platform that utilizes the Open edX codebase. I recommend checking your permissions within Studio as a course creator or verifying if an organization has been established.

To expand on what @CatalinaMoralesor said about verifying that your organization has been established, log in with an admin user and go to this URL in Studio: /admin/organizations/organization/

That should lead you to an admin screen where you can add an organization with a button on the top right:

Please make sure your organization exists there, and try to load the library creation page again.

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