Contributors Meetup - Call for participation & meeting time poll

Community call: Please join!

We have changed the format of the contributors meetup recently, as part of the formalization of the contributors coordination working group. The updates that used to take a large part of the meeting have been moved to asynchronous forum threads, and the meeting every 4 weeks is meant to focus on outstanding discussions, often brought up in the asynchronous updates over the past months. The resulting discussions are often interesting and important. Often recently we have missed having someone with better context, as this can be quite important to be able to identify next steps on blockers and discussions.

There used to be a wider representation of the community at those meetings. So especially with the recent refocus of the meeting on sorting community issues and discussions, we would like to extend the invitation to all community members to join it. In addition to everyone interested in governance and improving how we work as a community, we invite all working groups and large community projects to send a representative.

Picking a new slot

To help allowing more people to attend, we are running a poll to pick the next meeting time:

The poll reviews availability for the two days after the end of the next core contributor sprint. The meeting would then recur every 4 weeks, so please pick the times you would be available in general on Tuesdays/Wednesdays, even if you’re not available at those specific times on Sep 5-6.

Paint over all the time slots that are good for you. Please try to paint over as much as possible! It will help ensuring more people can be present - it’s worth painting over any time you could attend, even if it’s not an ideal time.

The results will be visible here.


The results are in! The time slot which allows the most people to attend is:

Tuesday Sep 5th at 16:00 UTC (and recur every 4 weeks afterwards)

Cf results. I have updated the Working Groups Calendar.